Remembering Owen Garriott (W5LFL) Via ISS SSTV

ARISS has planned a special commemorative Slow-scan television event to honor Owen Garriott, W5LFL this week from August 1st to the 4th. During this time we will be able to receive a set of twelve images dedicated to the memory of Mr. Garriott and his accomplishments regarding amateur radio in space. ARISS plans to commemorate […]

Tutorial: How to decode EMWIN data (Via VHF Repeater) With an SDR

To preface this article, I didn’t know EMWIN existed until I finally one day posted a signal sample on the Signal Identification Wiki of a peculiarly very strong buzz saw sounding signal at approximately 163.37 Mhz. Soon thereafter, some helpful people cross referenced the frequency with my location (Which I completely overlooked doing…shame on me) […]

My Ongoing Decatur and State Line Railway Research Project

A while ago I discovered a small section of abandoned railroad right near my home in Frankfort, IL which was going to be called the Decatur and State Line Railway. As its name implies, the railroad was to originate somewhere within Decaur, Illinois and travel northeast to meet up with one of the main Chicago […]

Falcon Heavy Launch Rescheduled for Today After Delays Due to Upper-Level Winds

All systems and weather are currently go ahead of tonight’s Falcon Heavy launch of Arabsat-6A from Pad 39A; launch window opens at 6:35 p.m. EDT, or 22:35 UTC → — SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 11, 2019 SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is back on track for a launch at 22:35 UTC after being scrubbed yesterday due to […]

Israeli Moon Lander Fails to Land Safely on the Moon

Unfortunately earlier this afternoon, the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet which was funded and launched by the private company SpaceIL, failed to safely complete its mission of landing on the lunar surface. The crew reports during the descent stage as the final landing protocol was being carried out, the crew lost communication with the craft as its […]

Second ISS SSTV Oppertunity Planned Feb. 15-17

Over on the ARISS SSTV blog, the team has announced a second ISS SSTV opportunity scheduled for February 15th through the 17th. Due to the weak signal conditions that plagued most of the first of three days of the event, the crew aboard the ISS has decided to do another Slow Scan Television event to […]